Choose Your Own Path

by Virtues

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Virtues are just like their name suggests – good.

The derby melodic metallers debut release jumps straight in with the crushing No More Sacrifice a hugely powerful number encompassing everything this band are good at, it soars beautifully with enough power to choke lesser men. This song shows off all different kinds of ability, from the sheer ferocious metal to the hardcore swagger and the bone crushing sludge. This is an opener with real pedigree.

They show no signs of taking the foot off the pedal when they throw second song Dead Space into the mix holding the listener in yet another choke hold. It possesses a huge beat down factor, similar to what you might find in that of a Parkway Drive or a Suicide Silence offering. It’s a real filthy number, in the best way possible.

Third track Vindicated is a more orchestrated affair with the stop start intro demonstrating a keen desire for versatility before reverting into the more familiar sludgy brutality present in the previous two tracks the band have the ability to slow things down and speed them up when they please without any trouble. This sets them apart from some of the more awkward metal bands gracing the scene today and firmly establishes them as one of the better bands on the block.

The final and eponymous track Choose Your Own Path is a real testament to their ability, again showcasing real playing talent and a variety of styles this band combine so many elements into one making them one of the much more interesting prospects the UK metal scene has to offer. Patience is a virtue and if you can wait until they play your town, you should definitely get down and go nuts.


released May 12, 2011



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Virtues. Derby, UK

Virtues are a metal/ hardcore band from Derby. Their songs consist of heavy low end riffs and melodic chordal passages merged together with a hardcore feel, creating a unique wall of sound.


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Track Name: No More Sacrifice
No More Sacrifice.

I couldn’t be the one to blame, Don’t point your finger,

Our population is too blind To everything you do, Behind the truth you lie

Don’t make promises, You can’t keep to our face Now your dreams become reality

I watched you sit and lie, To all these innocent people, You need to be alone

This world is ours, I cant believe all the shit you have caused You need to run and hide

Because this will not do, We wont connect until this world is ours

You wont remain our ruler, Take everything that you can Were not afraid

I want to grasp the world in the palm of my hands, This world is ours

No regrets will be in my mind after this is over

You just feed us poison and expect us to believe in your lies

Why can’t you see fucking up our lives, My life, Our lives, We wont walk it alone

Don’t forget this dream is from the start No more sacrifice

Blinded by the lies, Resentment burning inside I can never look at you the same

There will be no more sacrifice in our lives Look into my eyes, No more sacrifice.
Track Name: Dead Space
Dead Space.

I used to think we were a family, But now there is a lack of communication

Why can’t you just see that your just fucking dead space in this reality

No dedication in your life These monuments to the dead aren’t just a haunting reminder

These monuments are an inspiration for those who are left behind

For those who are left behind As we venture beyond this mist this army will

Clench their fists Our minds degrading one after another

We all ask ourselves why do we even bother, They cannot take our pride away from us

So why do we even bother If you observe yourself you’ll see your just a heartless coward

I wont remind you this isn’t a game We will prove it to you

You can’t ignore the fact that we think the same, We will fight to obtain our rightful place

Your just dead space to me, All these illusions built up in my mind

Your a disgrace to my kind , There’s no way out, no turning back

Your prayers won’t save you now

Why can’t you just see that your just dead fucking space to me

You should have realised what this means to me

Focusing on the true direction to secure a productive sacrifice

Why can’t you see that your delusional Your monument will inspire the ones who are alive
Track Name: Vindicated

From the first time you set your fucking eyes on me

You showed me the way to look at all my enemies, Now your eyes are closed shut

Because of all the things that you cursed on me

Now I see your face in my dreams is this right or wrong

I'm confused by all this god damn shit that you’re causing me

Take me back to the place where I belong forever, Lies hide behind my skin

I need to follow what is right inside my heart, Through thick and thin

Your just forgetting one little thing, our bloods the same

You need to see past my memories, For the good in you,

Life beats forget your dreams, your all that I have left

Your all that I have left My directions will become answers, These reasons hold the truth

There is no other life for me, I am stuck in the same place again History is repeating itself

I am vindicated til the end, I am vindicated til the end.
Track Name: Choose Your Own Path
Choose Your Own Path.

I’ve swallowed your lies for the last time, I’m taking back what is rightfully mine

Reflections take it all away, I’ve swallowed your lies for the last time

I’ve taken back what is rightfully mine, New directions show me where I need to be

I cannot take back what is right in my life, But I’m making a stand right now

These consequences which you have to face, I will never look at you the same again

Promising lies that you’re never going to keep to my face

Now you know I’ve changed because all of the sacrifices I made for us

I changed into how you wanted me to be, But now I’ve reformed to destroy you

All sacrifices that I made for us, This is my life, Life to change

All sacrifices that I made for us, Turn around, Back around Start all over

I can see horizons, Without you in my fucking way Choose your own path

I have chosen mine I can finally see for the first time how my life can be free

Focusing what was close to me, Erase my memory, Choose your own path

I cannot take back what is right or wrong in my life, But I’m making a stand right now

There’s consequences which you have to face.